CVRweb1In his newspaper column, Human Matters, Steven Kalas answers readers’ questions and adds his musings about life, love, family, ethics, sex, culture, art, philosophy, religion, celebration and suffering – from the most noble aspects of the human experience to its deepest, darkest secrets.

He allows us to look through his unique and quirky lenses to see his view of the world.

Reading Human Matters is like talking with a therapist, writer, philosopher, father, former priest, performing singer/songwriter, and an amateur stand-up comic.

Kalas is all of those things.

Infusing his writings on everything from sexuality to hockey violence, are the repeating themes of personal integrity, responsibility, loyalty, spiritual enlightenment, and just being the best you that you can be.

Being human demands of us, that we act like human beings, and not lesser creatures. Or as Kalas wrote in a recent column, “I can’t prove that being human matters. But I’ve decided to live as if it does.”

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